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“That girl could color forever”

Sitting at the elevated table in the corner of the room, my legs absent mindedly swinging beneath me, as I carefully color in the princess’s dress yellow, over the faded beige paper. My focus is broken by the call of my grandmother, spinning around to face her, she is backlit by the small hospital windows.  Immersed in my coloring book, I hadn’t realized she has asked me how my day was. I quietly smiled and proudly held up my small stamped hand, the equivalent of a gold star at my preschool. As I whirl around and turn the page of my coloring book, I can hear the smile in her voice as she tells my mother, “That girl could color forever.”

This is the earliest memory from my life, punctuated by an echo of what at times feels like a prophecy, as I have committed myself to this very notion. It was on a kindergarten class fieldtrip to the Memorial Art Gallery in upstate New York the following year that I began to realize that there were others in this world that felt the same magnetic pull of art. I never searched for my “calling”, creating has always been a roar inside that guided me to study Illustration at the Rochester Institute of Technology in my hometown of Rochester, New York. After completing my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Illustration, I have focused my career in editorial illustrations, as well as children’s book art. The power of imagery that reflects underrepresented groups of people motivates much of my subject matter, as can be seen in my body of work.

Please enjoy this collection of my paintings, commissions are welcome.